1. The message of Supreme intelligence (“Buddha Sarsana” in Maghadi language)

29 December 2014
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1. Words and Languages

There are only few words in English in day to day language to explain, for an ordinary person to understand reality and beyond, as these are not commonly discussed even by scientific community. In the study of science, as they discover (or really invent an illusion) various particles or forces, words are introduced often connected with the name of the person who discovered them. Because reality (ultimate “particle” state) and beyond reality (nibbana in Maghadi or nirvana in Sanskrit) are far, far away from scientists there have been a lack of meaningful words to explain such states.

In ancient Maghadi (which Gouthama Buddha spoke) and Sanskrit languages each word is made up of letters or components, each of which has a separate meaning (known as “nirukthi” in Maghadhi). When these components come together it produces a word with a special meaning. It is not surprising that in these languages there are still “words” with only one letter of pronunciation.
Therefore I am proposing to use same words in Maghadhi or Sanskrit to explain reality and beyond reality. As I am familiar to a certain extent with Maghadhi (currently known loosely as Pali language) than Sanskrit I shall use the Maghadhi words to explain facts. I will try to explain the meaning of the words as I go along. The meanings of the words in a language are of such immense importance, as it is the medium through which one can understand exactly what somebody else is saying.

There are two ways to achieve supreme intelligence.

1. The first is to discover on your own, just as Gouthama Buddha did by investigating the activities with in the space of your body.

2. The second is to understand by listening to (about activities with in the body) somebody who has already reached the path.

These are activities the thought process has no access to. These are activities that five senses can not access.
In both methods the thought process is abolished at an early stage in the path. Once that is done investigation in the first method and understanding in the second method must happen via another mechanism other than thinking. Remember thoughts are illusions produced by the joint activity of the sense organs, mind, brain and memory, and will obstruct or prevent the access to reality and nibbana.
In the second method in particular, it is so important to understand exactly what another is saying, and hence the importance of knowing the exact meanings of words used to explain reality and beyond.
In achieving supreme intelligence there is a path with various stages or steps one has to travel, the first one being achieved when thoughts are temporarily stopped. This is a simple process anybody without any education can achieve.
In other words it is not as complicated as you think!
In fact you will soon find out that is the thinking process that is complicated.


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